Rare Champagne Auction Lots

From time to time, we get an opportunity to buy unique Champagnes. Many of these will not be available to the open market, and some often require the purchase of a larger quantity e.g. an entire barrel.

The cost to buy these unique Champagnes is often very high, however, we at ChampagneHub will offer lots to purchase, so that we can spread the cost, and offer you some truly unique bottles and collector's items, great for investment and enjoyment!


The Lot price includes a €10 auction participation fee, this will be used to cover our cost in relation to participating in the auction.
The Lot price is a share of the total estimation of what we believe it will cost to buy the Champagne plus the auction participation fee.
If we are not successful in the bidding, your buy-in less €10 will be refunded immediately
If we are successful in the bidding, congratulations you will become the owner of some truly unique bottles. We will charge a standard shipping fee where relevant and a 5% administration and packing fee, which we will deduct from your buy-in, and the remainder of your buy-in will be refunded.
The delivery time will be indicated on each Lot as this can vary from product to product.
Should we not have sold all lots available in an auction, but still be successful in the bidding, we will divide the remaining lots amongst the purchased lots, according to your buy-in, e.g. should we be successful in our bidding at half the price we estimate with only half the lots sold, you will receive double the number of bottles you have actually opted for.