Grower Champagne Subscriptions

Our subscriptions make your journey in Champagne never-ending. We live and breathe Champagne and follow the year closely by being in the region. Each month we visit Growers across the region, to discover new an exciting Champagnes, and we want to share these experiences with you.

Champagne is an extremely diverse wine, from the full-bodied and bold Champagnes from the North to the Crisp and Mineral from the South, and then every thinkable combination in between. You can drink it as an aperitif, for that special occasion, even all through a glorious meal or simply just for the enjoyment.

As a ChampagneHub Subscriber, you will receive a case suited to your wishes in terms of size and frequency. Each case will contain a blend of carefully selected Champagnes, we aim to show you as much breath as possible. Biodynamic, Late-Disgorgement, Solera, Barrel Aged, Vintage, Grand Cru and those impossible to get your hands on Champagnes - as a ChampagneHub Subscriber you will get it all.

All of the Champagne that we deal in are true Grower Champagnes, meaning that everything from cultivating the vines over harvest to the finished Champagne, is done by the Grower. We include in each case, a leaflet, with full details about the Champagnes and Serving suggestions.

We can't wait to show you what Champagne's really all about and everything it has to offer.